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Born in South Africa, Taryn Brown has travelled from small towns in South Africa, to a short time in the USA and she finally landed up in Abu Dhabi which she now calls home. Her works are mainly in Acrylic paint, but she has the capacity to play with all sorts of media, print media and drawing. Taryn holds a diploma in Graphic Design from Inscape College  in South Africa and studied art and drawing from an early age.

Taryn's current work takes its form in acrylic painting dealing with images of bright bold colours.  Her  painting style combines basic shapes, purposeful colours, and lyrical lines to delicately balance naivety and understated sophistication. No two pieces are alike, and yet all the artworks have a common thread: colorful and playful.



UK-based Justine comes from an artistic family, but she herself has only been creating for the last five years.  Her passion is creating personalised, hand painted ‘bags for life’ in the UK.  

Justine is collaborating with Gateway Art Sales to showcase her whimsical Beach Huts, Retro Caravans, Camper Vans, Mermaids & Wild Animals themed designs, to a wider audience and across a variety of gift and home merchandise.


Deborah Nicholson was born in England in 1964 not far from London.  She's a self-taught artist and has been painting for many years.  She moved to the beautiful county of Yorkshire 25 years ago after meeting her partner while travelling around Australia and it is there where she got her inspiration for her dot paintings.  Although inspired by native Australian artists, Deborah's  dot paintings have a more modern feel to them and are distinctive in their own right. 

Deborah has tried her hand at various other crafts over the years, including silk painting and stained glass making which she enjoyed very much, but it was always painting that she returned to.  Her other great passion is photography - mainly birds and insects of which there are many at her local nature reserve, where she enjoys long walks with her dog and taking photos of the wildlife.


We work with up & coming artists providing platforms to promote their work. 
We are always looking for new talent with an edge.


Our artists are happy to take on custom art commissions. If you love one of their styles and have something particular in mind that you would like them to create, especially for you, as a one off, one-of-a-kind piece, then please get in touch to start the conversation. Please click the button below.

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