New for 2020, are our budget wreaths. We are still using the same quality materials to construct a beautiful wreath, but it is much smaller than our standard size and the mesh finish is not so full.


This striking Eid wreath features a star-shaped sign which is intricately laser cut and etched in great detail with the wording: Eid Mubarak. The sign is hand painted in metallic gold. The body of the wreath comprises a mix of matt and metallic mesh - the top layer being red and the bottom layer being two tones of gold, a champagne-gold and a bronze-gold. Suitable for Eid Al Fitr and Eid Al Adha. Reusable. It is handmade. It is a one-off piece. Only this one is available.


Size: Diameter: approx 40cm. Depth: approx. 16cm.

Ready for hanging on a wall or door this Eid.


This is not a Toy. For decoration only. Insitu images are for visual purposes only and not to scale.


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Eid Mubarak Wreath (Budget Wreath, Small Size)

  • Whilst your wreath has been carefully constructed to ensure it is sturdy, deco mesh naturally frays when its touched and tends to stick to itself, so minimal handling is recommended.

    Glittered items will naturally lose their glitter over time, so glitter Glitter may come off of ribbon, bows and embellishments over time.

    Your wreath will be secured into a box for shipping/delivery to you. Carefully cut the ties on the bottom of the box first (ideally, holding the box at an angle, rather than unside down).  These ties are holding the wreath in place to avoid it moving during shipping. Next, open the top of the box and carefully lift out your wreath.

    If any bows have flattened during shipping, you can fluff these up. The ribbons are extremely secure, so don't be afraid to tug at them (within reason).

    It is recommended to hang the wreath internally to avoid getting damaged by the sun and external elements, unless in a sheltered, covered location.

    Depending upon the style of the wreath and also where is it going to be hung, there are a few ways to hang it:

    1) It can be hung using a wreath hanger - these are available in various colours, sizes and lengths.  They are inexpensive and can usually be purchased at places selling Christmas decor.

    2) It can be hung over a hook using the tie exposed on the back.

    3) It can be hung using the loop of ribbon attached to the wreath at the back.

    After Christmas, the wreath can be stored in its shipping box until next Christmas.

  • Wreaths, handmade items, personalised items and bespoke orders can not be returned unless the item is not as described on the website, we shipped the wrong item to you or it has been damaged during shipping.  We will arrange for the collection of the item at our cost. Please notify us within 48 hours of receipt of the item via email: If the item is damaged, please supply pictures and retain the original packaging. We will respond to you with details of the collection and upon receipt of the item, we will issue a refund within fourteen (14) days.